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For over 46 years, Uni-Sette, Inc. has been providing the highest quality audio replication and packaging to Artists in Northern California. Uni-Sette, Inc. also offers a wide range of innovative solutions to corporate, local and state government clients as well. With thousands of completed orders, re-orders and countless referrals, Uni-Sette, Inc. has earned the reputation as "the company to use" to get the job done right!

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Full Size 120mm standard sized disc.
Mini 80mm mini-disc.

Same design as a "Full Size" disc, but less space for content.
BusCard 80mm truncated mini-disc.

Hocky rink style discs, a very unique way for businesses to present themselves, but like mini-discs are limited on content space.
CD/CD-R Compact Disc capable of holding 80 minutes of audio or 700mb of data.

Option of Manufactured CDs or 'Mitsui' Burned CD-Rs.
See quote page for details.
DVD/DVD-R Digital Versatile Disc capable of holding 4.7gb traditionally.

Also available are dual-layer DVDs holding 8.54gb.
Dual CD/DVD Manufactured CD glued to Manufactured DVD.

Due it its double-sided nature lacks print space on the disc as well as compatibility in many players.
Audio Audio CD holding up to 80 minutes of content.

Option to have track titles embedded in the disc.
Video Video DVD, compatibility varies depending on disc type.
Manufactured DVDs will play in all commercial DVD players.
'Verbatim' burned DVD-Rs will play in most DVD players.
Data Can contain various file types from documents to full auto-play presentations.
Enhanced An Enhanced CD is a disc that contains Audio and Data together.